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Launch Manager

No more feeling overwhelmed and stuck.

It's time to Launch!

If you have your membership idea ready to go but you need someone to keep track of every single detail from when to send your emails, when to open your cart, when you should do your webinar or challenge, to all the other countless tasks, I am here to not only figure them out, but to do them for you! 

  • Have you taken all the courses and know the strategy but just need someone to handle the details?

  • Are you ready to launch that amazing course or membership but want a project manager to help you stay on track to get there?

  • Are you a visionary that thinks “big picture” but details just aren’t your strength?

  • Are ideas and new products easy to come up with but execution doesn’t seem to come as easily?

Filling Out a Form

Having a Launch Manager will give you a clear plan and all the support you need so you can focus on creating your content and nurturing your people!

What is Launch Manager?


Planning of all the details and strategy of your launch runway for up to 12 weeks prior to launch.


Details and lose ends will be handled for you so you can focus on the things that only you can do.


All of the backend set up will be completely handled for you. No more tech headaches!

Are you ready to say goodbye to overwhelm? I will sort through every single detail and create a clear plan of action so you can move forward with launching your course or membership while all the details are handled!



“Gina is my go-to gal for project set up, membership launch, and any new thing I need to get up and running. She is my secret weapon and I recommend her to my clients all the time!״ 

Angela Herrington

Tricia Robinson.jpg

"Gina helped me in so many ways! She helped me with my first ever launch - set everything up on the backend. Plus she helped with getting my lessons on Kajabi each week and sent out emails. It was so nice to have Gina take care of the tech part while I focused on the creative. Thank you Gina!"

Tricia Robinson

Tricia Robinson Art/

God Made Girl Club


"Gina launched my first course in record time, working with me every step of the way to make sure my sales page looked fantastic.  She was responsive to my needs and questions, and overall she was a delight to work with. I highly recommend her services, and I will be back to hire Gina to launch my next course.”

Shana Pack

God's Eye Ministry

What's included:

12- Week Plan

Planning of all the details and strategy of your launch runway for up to 12 weeks prior to launch. That means emails, social media, content, site details, and more are all clearly laid out so you know nothing is being left out.

tech mock up.jpg
Backend Set Up

The tech part of preparing for your launch doesn't have to be a distraction, or even a thought! The backend set up will be completely handled for you. From your sales page to your content and even your private community, it will all be done for you.

Valuable Tools

Get access to systems that allow for easy team communication (Voxer) and tracking of tasks (Asana). No more wondering what needs to be done and who's taking care of it. Every detail will be clearly planned out, assigned and handled with attention to detail and accuracy.

asana mock up.jpg
Planning Sessions

Get monthly to bi-weekly Planning Sessions to review all of your launch details throughout the process. You will be able to get all your questions answered so you can head into your launch confident and ready to go the day your cart opens. You will also have Voxer access for communication between Planning Sessions.

Phone Tripod

Yes, You need a Launch Manager!

Just head over and book your Discovery Call today so we can get you on your way to launching!
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Your initial payment secures your launch dates and includes your first 1-hour Planning Session to go over the bigger details. We will talk about your business, your platform, and what your projected plans are for both your Pre-Launch and your Launch.


website mock up.jpg

First Payment

This first payment is due prior to your second 1-hour Planning Session where we will start talking about all the fine details like your sales page and content outlines. After this Planning Session the real fun starts as you begin to see your Sales Page come to life.


On the Computer

Final Payment

The final payment is due 1 month before your launch date and prior to our last 1-hour Planning Session. We will go over what tasks still need to be completed and talk through the more specific plans for your Pre-Launch and Open Cart Days!


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