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Membership Outline

Get your membership going with what you have right now - no fancy platform needed!

Learn how to get your membership set up in just a few steps so your raving fans can quickly become your members! You will get all the steps needed to link each part of the build - no more guessing and wondering how to connect the technology dots.

Are you launching your membership for the first time and just need to know how to connect all the tech?

Do you need someone to lay out what set-up steps to take so you can open your membership?

Do you know that what you have to offer needs to make it into the hands of others and you're ready to get going NOW? 


The Membership Outline will give you clear steps to light your path!

How Will The Membership Outline Help Me?


Find out exactly what elements you need to make a membership run. 


Learn how to create the elements you need so they communicate with each other.


Learn how to connect each element so you can start receiving recurring income.

There are steps and even amazing strategy to launching your membership. I use both every day with my clients. But we all have to start somewhere. If you have an online presence and what you're doing has people wanting way more, now is the time to jump in and give them exactly that. The Membership Outline will tell you exactly what you need so you can start giving more to your raving fans while brining in recurring income every month.

What's included:

Membership Outline mock up.png

List of the basic elements you need to get started

Prompts to help you write your Sales Page copy

Options for each element so you can pick what fits your business best

Check List to make sure you include all the important information that makes a great Sales Page

Video guide on creating and connecting your payment method

Guide on how to ensure each element works with the others

Looking for more help than what the Membership Outline provides?

Launch Timeline,  Launch Planner or Launch Manager may be a better fit!

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