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What You Actually Need to Launch

Hey you... ya the one who has something your people are already asking for and you just need to get it out there. You may be asking "Can I just launch already?!"

Let me tell you a secret. Sometimes launching your membership doesn’t look like a fancy platform with all the steps the “experts” tell you that you have to do.

Sometimes it looks like your people having a need and you deciding to jump in a fill it - like yesterday.

You can make it work (especially if you’re one of those determined types who doesn’t need perfection to just do the thing already).

There are only 3 basic elements you need if you’re ready to just get started and I bet you’ve got what it takes already (and yea I meant that both figuratively and technically)!

I've put it all together for you in a fancy little package - and did I mention it's FREE! Yep! Make sure you snag your copy of 3 THINGS YOU NEED TO LAUNCH.

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