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Membership Retention

How can you keep your members?

For the next couple of posts I'll be giving you the inside scoop on what you can do to help you keep those paying members.

The first membership retention tip may surprise you... You don’t want to over-deliver. I know, that seems opposite of what you may think or even have heard. The thing is, you want your members to actually consume your content. You want them to learn and then implement what it is they are paying for.

If you give your members too much content they won’t be able to go through it and take action. Then they will fall behind and not know where to even pick up, causing them to just fall off all together.

While you want to give them content weekly I suggest the following schedule each month:

  1. Teach on something

  2. Give them an actionable step/ implementation

  3. Check in

  4. Question and answer

You can adjust this to fit your niche but the main thing to catch here is that you want to teach one thing and then base the rest of the month around that teaching. Whether it’s to help implement that training, dive deeper into it, or coach through it, stick with your one golden nugget for the month.

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