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Membership Retention Part 3

If you're new here be sure to go back and read part 1 and part 2!

Building Relationships Matters

If there is one thing we know about people, it's that they want to be known and to feel a sense of belonging. A majority of members sign on because they are looking for that like-minded community along with the opportunity to grow and learn. Chances are that's why you started a membership in the first place! So now all you need to do is make sure you are connected and getting them engaged.

Online Member Engagement

  1. Tell them thanks for being with you! Seems pretty simple right? It is, and it should already be built into your email automations within your onboarding process.

  2. Show them around. This is your onboarding process - where you show them how to access the content, explain to them what they can expect, direct them to any resources they will need (like the login link or Zoom link), and make them feel welcome.

  3. Create and foster a sense of community. Whether you have a private Facebook group or you use your membership hosting platform space, be sure to offer a place the members can interact with both you and the other members.

  4. Encourage engagement within the weekly content and beyond. Ask questions that allow your members to be seen and heard, give them space to share both their wins and struggles

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