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Membership Retention Part 4

Make sure you're caught up on Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3!

I hope this series has been helpful for you so far. I know what an impact memberships can have on both you and your members so helping you get it right matters.

Reengage Your Members

As time goes on you'll notice some members begin to fall off the content wagon. They aren't consuming what you're putting out, they haven't been to a live event in a while, and they aren't even logging in. So what do you do?

Some site owners may think that if they just ignore it at least the member will keep paying. While that may be true, you have to ask yourself if that's really best. I don't think it is. I would rather have someone notice I'm no longer "there" than just quietly take my money while I've forgotten about that membership payment that comes out every month. Remember connection and relationship are important!

While not everyone drinks coffee, a ton of people do. So one way to get them back into the swing of things is to offer a virtual cup-o-joe! Send a gift card of just $5 so they can get a treat on you. They don't have to know that while you want to get them back in, that little gesture can also be a tax write off. Win, win, right?!

If the idea of a coffee gift card isn't your thing that's OK, think of another simple way to tell them you've noticed their absence and would love to have them come back!

There's more Membership Retention Tips coming so be sure to subscribe below.

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