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Membership Retention Part 5

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To conclude our Membership Retention Series, I want to talk about one last thing that may be the hardest. As entrepreneurs we tend to want to do it all. Where there is a will, there is a way and we find a way, don't we.

Memberships can require a lot of work when you think about all the pieces of the puzzle. There is content that needs to be planned, created, and uploaded, members to build relationship with and engage with, and then lets not forget about launches or promotion if you have an "always open" model. As much as I know you may want to do it all, it's OK if you can't.

There's Only One of You

There is only one of you which means the content for your membership will mostly, if not completely, be created by you. It isn't typically something that can be fully handed off to someone. But you know what is? The other tasks like content uploads, emails, creating threads for engagement in your group and even graphic creation.

If you're not enjoying having a membership, it may be time to find someone to help you do the tasks that don't energize you and bring you life. There is really something to be said about working within your zone of genius. When you do things you love, it doesn't feel like work so why not find someone who happens to love the very things you don't care for? Hiring someone may just be that piece of the puzzle you didn't know you needed to take things to the next level.

Depending on your needs, I may just be that person so reach out and let's talk!

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