Membership and Course Launch Services

Looking for some help with the details? From planning your launch, to ensuring all the moving parts are working properly, one of the packages below will fit your needs and free up your time.

Launch Timeline

If you have your membership, course or coaching/ mastermind program ready to go but just need some direction on when to send your emails, when to open your cart, when you should do your webinar or challenge, and the needed content of your sales page, the Launch Timeline is PERFECT for you! 

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Launch Planner

Do you already have all the help you need but want to have the details of your launch planned out for you? You will get a clear, concise plan so you know who is doing what, and when! You and your team will walk away confident in your launch plans so you can spend your time focusing on the things that only you can do!

Launch Manager

Are you ready to launch and want to solely focus on content creation while all the other pieces are handled for you? Every meticulous detail will be planned out and handled without you having to worry about what may be forgotten or left out. Having a Launch Manager means no more confusion or worry about the details - you will know exactly what is being done so you can focus on your customers! 

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Looking for Project Management or Monthly Maintenance Packages?

Looking for help with a Sales Page, Landing Page, or other page for your site?