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Gina Peak Online Business Manager
Gina Peak, OBM, Light to Launch
Gina Peak OBM
Hey, I'm Gina

I love being a boy-mom, following Jesus on wild adventures, and a good list that I can check off. I definitely can’t pass up the opportunity to create a spreadsheet... you might even say I’m obsessed with planning and organizing.

My life has been quite a ride that’s taken me in many different directions. From the military, to a nursing career, to being my own boss, I’ve met a lot of amazing people and picked up a surprisingly long list of skills. It’s pretty wild how all the parts of my journey have prepared me for this place I’m in now.

For almost a decade I have been helping business owners with the details including course buildouts, membership launches, project management and so much more. Somehow I continue to find myself partnering with Visionaries. They have the ideas coupled with a ton of passion and inspiration while I, as an Integrator, bring stability, focus, and the ability to build a plan around what the Visionary wants. I truly get excited seeing someone else succeed - it never gets old celebrating wins with my clients.

I’m a problem-solver at heart. I ask the questions others don’t think of. I have the gift of being able to see the gaps and then find meticulous ways to fill them.


In fact, several people have said I should have been a private investigator because I notice even the smallest details. Maybe that will be next on my list of careers... But for now, I’ll stick with coming alongside Visionaries, bringing the strategy to give them that boost of forward momentum.

Living life reliant on prayer, intentionality, and purpose,

I'd love to help you say 'yes' to more ease, efficiency, and growth.

The powerful combination of your inspiration and vision with my knowledge and skills will cause forward momentum and measurable change, especially in places that have been stagnant.

You were made to bring the new and innovative ideas to the table.

You weren't made to figure out how to bring them to pass.

You were made to partner with others and foster client relationships.

You weren't made to worry about the day-to-day details. 

Are you ready to partner together to create a bigger impact?

Gina Peak, OBM
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