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If you're here, chances are you're feeling overwhelmed and need help pulling things together.

The good news is, you've come to the right place. My services are intentionally and strategically tailored to your needs.

Let's turn your business into a smooth-running, life-giving part of your day.

Gina Peak OBM


You're amazing at what you do...

you've built a successful business but when it comes to the day-to-day operations and details on the fringes, you just want to run the other way.


You know you need internal processes and a detailed plan...

but you don't know where to start, and even if you did, you feel like this part of business sucks the life out of you.


You're done trying to do it all...

and you know you need someone else to come and take things off of your hands so you can do the things you love most within your business.



I work with female CEO's who...

Dream big, are overflowing with passion, and inspire those around them.

Have an unwavering commitment to create connection and positive change in others' lives through their business.

Are ready for their business operations to run flawlessly with little to no energy or thought from them.

Having someone manage your operations is a huge asset that positively impacts not just your business but your personal life as well.
Freedom in your business means freedom in every way!
Are you ready to let go of operational details... along with their related noise?
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Personal Desk


You're done with the chaos! You're ready to operate fully in your zone of genius while letting someone else take on the day-to-day operations that take up valuable time and drain you. As your OBM, I will bring expert guidance and strategic solutions that are carefully and thoughtfully tailored to your needs, from system solutions and builds, project management, process creation, team management, launch strategy, and more.


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You've just 'made it work' by fumbling through tech to set up your offer but you know there are holes that could use an expert. Help is here! No more losing opportunities to positively impact others' lives because they don't know what you offer or where to find it. We will spend 60 days working out every detail from planning and strategy, to implementation, so you have an offer that is solid and easy to navigate from beginning to end.

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Your business is growing and it's time to take some things off your plate. You can no longer do it all and fill every role but a VA isn't quite the right addition. You need a team member who can bring more than just implementation. You need strategy, system solutions, and process creation to help bring your vision to life efficiently and effectively. As your OBM 'lite', you get all my expertise on a smaller scale until you're ready for full-time help.

Whether you're ready to get started or need help figuring out what's the best fit for you, schedule a call and let's talk!

Quick & Responsive
"Gina helped me in so many ways! She helped me with my first ever launch - set everything up on the backend. Plus she helped with getting my lessons on Kajabi each week and sent out emails. It was so nice to have Gina take care of the tech part while I focused on the creative for God Made Girl Membership. Thank you Gina!"


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