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What are Automations and Why Do You Need Them

What are Automations and Why Do You Need Them

Maybe you’re already familiar with automations and why you need them but you still haven’t taken the leap to set them up. Or, maybe you aren’t fully sure what they are since you don’t have any automations yourself. Lets dive into not only what they are but why you need automations as a business owner.


One thing we could all use is a little more time, right? There never seems to be enough hours in the day to get everything accomplished. And some of those hours seem to be getting wasted chasing down things you feel like you should have a grip on at this point for goodness sake! They aren’t new tasks, you’ve done them over and over, yet you are still somehow wasting time on them.


How Can Automations Help Me

This is where automations come in! When you set up an automation, those repetitive tasks you keep doing are taken care of without you lifting a finger, or touching a single key on that keyboard. When done right, automations save you time and energy you can use where it’s really needed.


What Automations Do I Need in My Business

Some places where automations give you the most bang for your buck in terms of redeeming time, are in your onboarding process, client follow-up and booking, and leads.


Automation Ideas to Improve Productivity

1. Onboarding

When onboarding a client, even when using a platform like HoneyBook, create your Welcome email and include all of the details they will need like their next steps, login links, zoom links for ongoing meetings, your scheduling link for any appointments they need to book with you/ your team, any group links if community is part of the offer they signed up for, and last but not least, a reminder to keep that email information so they can refer back to it! Providing clear instructions along with all of the tools and access they will need upfront not only saves you time but helps give your new client peace of mind and clarity on where to go next.


2. Client Bookings

If you have client appointments, using a service to automate this process is a must. Yes, you can still have control over your schedule if you automate this process. You simply set your availability and let the rest handle itself. One popular option is Calendly. You can set multiple event types as well as when you’d like to available for each event type. There is also an option to send reminders to your clients both before and after their scheduled time with you so they won’t forget to show up and can book the next appointment easily as well, all without you doing a thing.


3. Leads

The other business automation example is to take care of leads. This can range from a simple opt in form with a Freebie to grow your email list, to automating the client journey through every twist and turn. For today, we will keep it simple and you can save the complex automations for your OBM. Social Media is a great way to reach new people, build your brand, and find new clients. But having a way to connect with them closer and bring them into your sphere of influence needs to include getting them on your email list. For this, offering something of value for free is key. So, find a sticking point for your ideal client, offer your solution in the form of downloadable content like a workbook, or even a short video course to give them a quick and easy win. This whole process can be automated with a landing page and your Freebie offer all linked to your social media posts, profiles and your website for visitors that land there. You get to capture leads without having to constantly recreate the process.


How Do Automations Help My Business Grow

Automations help your business grow by both connecting you with your ideal customer and by freeing up your time so you can do the things that truly only YOU can do. If you need help setting up your automations and you already know you just want to hand this task off to someone else, reach out here and we can talk through how I can set you up for success and more freedom in your day.


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